Monday, November 8, 2010

Jean Seberg

"Seberg was born in Marshalltown, Iowa, the daughter of Dorothy (née Benson), a substitute teacher, and Edward Seberg, who was a druggist.[2][3] Her family was Lutheran and of Swedish ancestry.[4][5] Seberg studied at the University of Iowa."-Wikipedia

Looking at photos of the young Jean Seberg, her image of eternal youth-carefree, young and cruel, forever immortalized in "Breathless", it's hard to picture the downward spiral she went through and the surreal circumstances surrounding her death.

"...In 1970, Seberg had an affair with a college student named Carlos Navarra, which produced a daughter. When she was seven months pregnant, the FBI created a false story[21] that the child she was carrying was not fathered by her husband Romain Gary, but by a member of the Black Panthers Party, Raymond Hewitt. The story was reported by gossip columnist Joyce Haber of the Los Angeles Times,[22] and Newsweek magazine.[23] During her pregnancy, Seberg claimed that her husband Gary was the father. She gave birth to a girl named Nina on August 23, 1970, but the infant died two days later.[24] Seberg subsequently confessed that her daughter was in fact the result of an affair she shared with Navarra during her separation from Gary, and they divorced by the year's end.

In 1972, she married film director Dennis Berry. She also became dependent on alcohol and prescription drugs. Although they were separated the last few years of her life, Seberg and Berry did not divorce.

Seberg's problems were compounded when she went through a form of marriage to an Algerian Ahmed Hasni, on May 31, 1979. The brief ceremony had no legal force because she was still married to Berry.[25] In July, Hasni persuaded her to sell her second apartment on the Rue du Bac, and he kept the proceeds (reportedly 11 million francs in cash), announcing that he would use the money to open a Barcelona restaurant.[26] The couple departed for Spain but she was soon back in Paris alone, and went into hiding from Hasni, who she said had grievously abused her.[27]

In her later life, Seberg dealt with clinical depression, something that was not revealed until after her death.[10]..."-Wikipedia

"....In August 1979, she went missing and was found dead eleven days later in the back seat of her car, which was parked close to her Paris apartment in the 16th arrondissement. The police report stated that she had taken a massive overdose of barbiturates and alcohol (8 g per liter). A suicide note ("Forgive me. I can no longer live with my nerves.") was found in her hand, and "probable suicide" was ultimately ruled the official cause of death by the French coroner. However, it is often questioned how she could have operated a car with that amount of alcohol in her body, and without the corrective lenses she always maintained she absolutely needed for driving.[28] One year later, her former husband Romain Gary committed suicide."-Wikipedia

More on Jean Seberg by Roger Ebert.

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