Friday, November 19, 2010

Steve McQueen

One of the best actors in cinematic history, Steve McQueen made it all looked so easy that people underestimated his acting ability. I think the audience often thought that Steve McQueen walked onto the set exactly as the characters he played in his films, that he didn't have to make any adjustments in order to become the character he was playing. With the tiniest gesture and slightest movement, he could convey to the audience what his character was mentally going through. He understood how the camera works and trusted that it could never fail to capture, therefore he knew he didn't need to do a whole lot in order to get the point across. There have been very few actors who could captivate the audience with doing so little-Michael Caine, Tony Leung, Tom Hanks are three others I could think of right away. The more I watch their performances the more I wonder just how much time they had studied and observed in order to understand the craft of film acting and to achieve the effortlessness.

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