Monday, April 4, 2011

Palma, Mallorca

It was Sunday afternoon when we arrived therefore many of the shops were closed. First thing first-tapas and vino. After that, we decided to check out the self guided tour of the Arab Bath.

Finding the destination was half the fun. The old section of Palma was indeed closed on Sunday, very few locals were on the streets. We wandered to the rambla, up some steps to the city center, passed more narrow streets to the city wall. The entrance of the Arab Bath was located in one of the narrow streets in the Medieval quarter, near the base of the city wall.

The self guided tour started in the entrance room with a video explaining the history, then you turn and walk into the dome chamber with round apertures for relief of steam, as it was the actual room for hot baths. A way out at another side of the chamber leads to a lush court yard.

olive tree

hotel court yard
hotel reception hall
Big advantage to travelling during off season is not having to deal with crowds of people, one could take time to reflect and absorb the surroundings. We found a very nice little cafe near the Arab Bath for some tea, then it's siesta before dinner.

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